How to Get Cast as a Voice-Over for a Video Game

Updated April 17, 2017

With the growing complexity of interactive video games and online role-play games, more and more roles are available for voice-over artists in this genre. If you are interested in working as a voice performer in video games, be aware that voice acting is like any other job -- you must first master the necessary skills and put together a portfolio (in this case, your demo reel). When you have accomplished these things, you will be in a good position to launch your career.

Take an acting or voice-over class. If you happen to have a remarkable voice, this gives you an advantage, but it is not enough to get you cast. You need to know what to do with a script and how to create a character. When you have a foundation for your acting skills, experiment with accents and impersonations until you discover your talents and strengths.

Practice a wide range of voices. Develop voices for young people, old people, aliens, robots, heroes, people of different nationalities and anything else you can think of. Casting directors of video games often hire one actor to voice multiple roles, so the more versatile you are, the more likely they are to cast you.

Record a demo reel with short clips of your best voices. Start with an unusual character voice to get your listeners' attention, then record a few of your more traditional voices. Your whole demo should be no more than 30 seconds long. You can record your demo at home using software, or seek help from a professional studio.

Mail or e-mail your demo to agents and managers in your area. If you are in Los Angeles or New York, you can use Samuel French's book "The Agencies," published monthly, to find agencies that deal specifically with voice-over talent. Target your mailings to those companies. Having an agent will help you get auditions for voice-over roles in video games.

Join Actors Access (, a website that allows actors to submit themselves for projects that are casting all over the country. Many casting directors for video games use Actors' Access to schedule auditions. Membership on the site is free, but it costs £1.30 per submission. Alternatively, you can buy an annual subscription with unlimited submissions for £41. Post your voice-over demo reel on your profile and submit it for any video-game auditions that come through the site.


While it is possible to be cast as a voice actor in video games anywhere, it is much easier to find an agent if you live in Los Angeles or New York. Voice-over auditions can often be conducted remotely, but sometimes actors must go to auditions, too.


Do not expect your voice-over career to blossom overnight. Building experience and a resume takes time. You may have to do several smaller, unpaid jobs before you are able to get an audition for a video game. Remember that the competition is fierce. Developing a career may take months or years.

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