How to keep whipped cream stiff

Updated February 21, 2017

Accent your sundaes, pies and puddings with stiff, rather than soft, whipped cream. Stiff whipped cream will hold its shape atop the desserts, instead of melting into them. Use double cream, rather than regular whipping cream or half and half, when making whipped cream. Double cream doubles in volume when whipped and tends to stay stiff.

Chill your mixing bowl and beaters in a freezer before making the whipped cream.

Pour the double cream into the mixing bowl and mix it for 30 seconds on "low." Increase the mixer speed to "medium" and continue blending the cream until it begins to thicken. Turn the mixer on "high" and continue beating the cream; add any flavourings, including sugar, just before soft peaks begin to form.

Continue beating the cream for 30 seconds after adding the flavourings to create stiff peaks. Test the cream's stiffness by pulling a beater out of it; the whipped cream should hold its shape and cling to the beater.

Do not continue beating the whipped cream after stiff peaks are formed; doing so may cause the cream to separate and become soft. Stiffen over-mixed whipped cream by adding 2 more tablespoons of double cream to it and gently blending with wire whisk.


You can customise the whipped cream by adding flavourings such as citrus zest, vanilla extract or cinnamon.

Things You'll Need

  • Mixing bowl
  • Electric mixer
  • 1 cup double cream
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