How to Reset Your Lexmark X4650

Updated April 17, 2017

The Lexmark X4650 is a highly customisable all in one wireless printer. In addition to printing, it can also copy, scan and send or receive faxes over your telephone line. To ensure that the printer's settings are compatible with your needs, you can make changes to a number of settings, including time and date, and language. You can also program in frequently used numbers and set default page sizes and ink use. If you need to remove the changes, you can reset the settings to the factory defaults.

Turn off the printer. Make sure that the printer is not in power-save mode by holding the power button down for the preset power-off time limit. The default is two seconds.

Press and hold the Start button, which is marked with a green circle, and the Stop button, marked with a red "X."

Press the power button while continuing to hold down the Start and Stop buttons.

Release all buttons when the printer turns on.

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