How to Reverse a Track in Mixcraft

Updated April 17, 2017

Acoustica Mixcraft 5 is a multi-track audio editing and recording program with MIDI capabilities. In this program, you can add effects to your music, record original tracks or manipulate previously recorded tracks. One possible effect is reversing a sound so that it plays backwards. The result will sound like something is being sucked in, and it will end with the sound that you recorded. This can be a useful technique to add some complexity to your music tracks.

Open Acoustica Mixcraft. On a PC, go to "Start" followed by "Programs," "Acoustica" and "Mixcraft." On a Mac, open your "Finder" window and then select the "Applications" tab. Scroll down to "Mixcraft" and double-click on its icon.

Load your audio file by selecting "File" followed by "Open." You will see your multi-track project in Mixcraft. This will have several layers of tracks, each containing different audio files.

Right-click the piece of audio you wish to reverse. Select "Edit in External Editor." This will bring your audio file into a window at the bottom of the program.

Highlight the part of the audio file you wish to reverse. Right-click on it, and then select "Invert." Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut, which is set to Ctrl," "Alt" and "Y" simultaneously.


Start by reversing only small portions of your track to see how it sounds.


Make backups of your audio files before you reverse and save them.

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