How to do a wink face

Updated March 28, 2017

If you are new to the Internet world or new to instant messaging and texting you may see a series of icons and puncuation marks used in some different ways. These are called "emoticons" and are used to express feelings and sentiments as you enter in your text. Emoticons also come in cartoon form that are coloured and have facial expressions and gestures in animated .gif forms. If you want to make wink face emoticons, get ready to become a "texter extraordinaire."

Open an instant message or chat program. Enter in your text and follow it up with a semicolon and a closed parentheses. Type them so it appears ;). If you want to add a little creativity to it add in extra punctuation like a dash sideways V or a number sign. The results look like #;-) or >;-).

Download cartoon emoticons from various online sources. Many of these websites allow free downloads of emoticons including the wink face (see Resources.)

Use the punctuation pads on smartphones to find the punctuation marks needed to make the emoticons and wink face. Like a standard qwerty keyboard (your computer's keyboard), find the necessary semicolon, dash, sideways V (less than sign) parentheses and number sign to make emoticons in your texts and messages.

Things You'll Need

  • Qwerty Keyboard
  • Smartphone with keypad


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