How to Use Wire-Bending Jigs

Updated July 20, 2017

In wire jewellery making and related crafts, the purpose of a wire-bending jig is to allow for the creation of custom-designed wire shapes. Users rearrange pegs on a jig with holes to create the framework for a design, then wrap wire around the peg configuration to create a finished shape.

Create a template for the design you intend to create. Lay a transparency sheet over the jig and draw a design around the holes where you will place pegs.

Place the template under the jig. For stability, tape the template down onto your work surface beneath the jig.

Insert pegs into the holes that correspond with your design. The pegs should be on the inside of the design so you can wrap wire around the outside.

Choose the appropriate wire for your design. Harder wire is ideal for maintaining the completed shape. Jewellery wire is available in a range of gauges and hardness levels depending on your purpose.

Wrap the wire around the pegs to create the intended pattern. Pay attention to the peg order, as each time you pass around a single peg you add thickness to the finished piece.

Things You'll Need

  • Jig pegs
  • Flexible wire
  • Plastic transparency sheet
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