How to Make a Christmas Tree & Christmas Balls With Styrofoam

Make miniature styrofoam Christmas trees to grace the home for the next holiday season and turn ordinary styrofoam balls into elegantly embellished Christmas ornaments to hang on the family's Christmas tree. Make the Christmas ball ornaments using traditional Christmas colours or use colours that coordinate with your Christmas decorating preferences. You can make the decorations yourself or use the project as a children's afternoon activity and have them choose their own decorations for the ornaments.

Insert a pin into the styrofoam ball. Insert another pin on the opposite end of the ball to designate these pins as the top and bottom of the ornament.

Measure the height of the ball from pin to pin and then measure the circumference of the ball. Divide the circumference by 6. Cut out three leaf shapes from a piece of your choice of fabric. Cut out three leaf shapes in a contrasting fabric. Make each leaf shape the height of the ball by 1/6 the circumference.

Apply glue to the back of each shape and press them against the ball, side by side. It is OK if the edges overlap slightly or do not quite meet.

Cut three pieces of ¼-inch-wide or ½-inch-wide ribbon. Cut two of the pieces just a little bit longer than the circumference of the ball. Cut one piece to twice the circumference.

Remove the pins. Insert one pin through the end of three of the ribbons. Insert the pin back into the ball in the place from which it was removed.

Spread some glue on the back of each ribbon and wrap the ribbons around the ball to hide the fabric seams. Insert the loose ends onto a pin and insert the pin into the ball next to the first pin.

Shape the remaining long length of ribbon into a loop and insert a pin with a decorative pearl head in the end of the ribbon. Insert the pin into the ball. Insert decorative pearl-head pins around this top centre of the ball.

Secure the ribbon to the ball. Insert pins with a decorative pearl head along the length of each ribbon, spaced approximately 1 inch apart.

Place the three styrofoam cones side by side on a working surface. Cut off the top 4 inches of the 5-inch by 12-inch styrofoam cone. Cut the slender end of the cone not the wide base.

Cut the top 3 inches off the slender end of the 4-inch by 9-inch styrofoam cone. Discard the top pieces.

Apply a layer of craft glue to the bottom of the 4-inch-wide cone and centre it above the 5-inch-wide cone. Press firmly to join the cones.

Spread glue on the 3-by-6-inch cone and place it on top of the other cones.

Paint the Christmas tree with green paint. You can paint the tree with a paintbrush or use a spray can paint. Let the paint dry.

Things You'll Need

  • Sewing pins
  • Styrofoam balls
  • Fabric of your choice
  • Contrasting fabric
  • Hot glue gun with glue sticks
  • ¼-inch or ½-inch-wide ribbon
  • 5-by-12-inch styrofoam cone
  • 4-by-9-inch styrofoam cone
  • 3-by-6-inch styrofoam cone
  • Pearl head pins
  • Green paint or spray paint
  • Paintbrush
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