How to Make Fishnet Gloves for Prom

Updated July 20, 2017

Make your hands into a fashion statement for prom. Fishnet gloves can finish off an '80s retro look, add a little Gothic to your glamour or provide a soft and edgy neo-Victorian look to an ensemble. For a last-minute design or an easier way to sew, knee-high tights can transition easily into gloves. For a cool look, pick tights with a little lace or ruffled edge at the top.

Pull one stocking onto your hand inside out. Cut the fabric about 1/4 inch from where you would like the gloves to reach on your hand. It should be between the top of the knuckles and below the webbing on your fingers.

Pin the material snugly along the inside of your thumb to mark where the thumb finger will end, along the inside of the index finger where the body of the glove will start and along the bridge of your hand between the index finger and thumb. Cut off the excess material between the two pins.

Thread a needle and knot it at the end. Sew the material starting from above the pin next to your thumb and continue to just above the pin along the index finger. This section should fit tightly along the bridge of the hand.

Fold down the body of the glove to form the 1/4 inch seam and pin it in place. With a threaded and knotted needle, sew a hem all the way around your hand; tie off the thread and snip off the excess. Repeat this step for the thumb portion--the seam for the thumb should end just under the knuckle.

Repeat the process for the other glove. Because of the nature of the gloves, the body of the gloves can both be made on the nondominant hand, allowing the dominant hand to sew both.

Thread the large needle with the decorative thread. Pull the thread through the fabric 1/2 inch down from the hem on the inside edge along the index finger to hide the knot of the thread. Thread the needle through the material in a straight line around the glove so that each stitch is 1/2 inch long separated by 1/4 inch of material. Thread the needle through the material near the original stitch and tie it off near your first knot, cutting off the excess. Repeat for the other glove.

Remove gloves. Choose a right and left glove so that any blemishes are on the inside of the gloves.

Take apart the flower and keep one layer of the flower pattern. Sew the flower onto the left glove so that the middle is about 1 inch from the edge of the glove. A smaller flower should be lined up with the decorative thread; a larger flower should be positioned low enough that the top of the flower touches the top of the glove.

Stitch the first bead onto the middle of the flower pattern with the small needle and thread. Sew the remaining three beads onto the right glove next to each other and along the line of decorative thread. The middle bead should correspond in placement to the middle bead on the left glove.


Fishnet-patterned materials are harder to sew but will look best. Choose a darker colour for a Gothic or retro '80s look. Choose a lighter pattern for a more ethereal or neo-Victorian look. Yarn, lace or ribbon can be used in place of the decorative thread. Choose thigh-high tights for longer gloves.


Do not make the thumb hole too tight; at best it will be uncomfortable, at worst it can cut off circulation to the thumb.

Things You'll Need

  • Pair of fishnet knee-high tights
  • Scissors
  • Straight pins
  • 1 sewing needle
  • Thread
  • Decorative thread or small ribbon
  • 1 large needle
  • 1 small fake flower
  • 4 medium-sized beads
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