How to plan a trip to multiple locations on a tomtom one

Updated April 17, 2017

The TomTom One GPS system comes with a variety of useful features that make it easy for you to find your destination while travelling. If you want to take a trip to multiple destinations, enter all the addresses into your TomTom One and the GPS will map an efficient route through all the points on your itinerary. If your plans change, you can easily update your itinerary by moving or removing destinations on your list.

Turn on your TomTom One GPS system. Select "Itinerary Planning" from the main menu to begin planning your route. You may need to scroll to the second or third main menu screen to find Itinerary Planning.

Press the "Add" button to add the first destination to your itinerary. Enter the address of your destination or choose a destination from your "favourites," "recent destinations," or "points of interest." Repeat this step for each destination on your itinerary.

Select an entry in your itinerary list and click the "Options" button to modify the entry.

Click the "Move Item Up" or "Move Item Down" buttons on the Options screen to change where the item appears along your route. If your plans change and you don't need to stop at a particular destination, click the "Mark Visited" button to skip the destination.

Click the "Mark as Waypoint" button if you want your route to take you past a particular location. Your GPS will modify your route to take you past a waypoint but will not give you explicit directions to stop at the location.

Click the "Mark as Destination" button to travel to a specific location. Your GPS will set a route and provide directions to that location, taking you past any waypoints specified in your itinerary.

Press the "Start Navigation" button to begin your itinerary. The GPS will calculate your route and direct you to your destinations.


You can save an itinerary by pressing the "Save Itinerary" button and giving the itinerary a name. Save routes you travel frequently and use the "Load Itinerary" feature to load a saved itinerary.

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