How to address a job application envelope

Matt Cardy/Getty Images News/Getty Images

A job application is the key to unlocking career opportunities. Job applications with well-done CVs and correct information may land you an interview. Because making the right first impression is vital, always properly put together the entire job application letter, including the envelope. Thankfully, addressing an envelope to a possible employer is a much easier task than filling out the enclosed application form.

Write your name in the top-left corner of the envelope. Follow your name with your address. An example of a name and address format you might use on the envelope would be: full name, house name or number and street, town or city, county, post code. Place each part of the address on a separate line. Don't use full-stops or commas.

Write the employer address in the centre of the envelope. Usually, job applications have a return address listed on the form. If this is the case, write the address exactly as it is listed on the form. If an address is not listed, use a general set-up for the address, making sure to alert the correct department. Use the same formatting as in the previous step.

Place a stamp in the upper-right portion on the envelope. Once the job application is neatly folded and placed inside, a stamp is affixed and the envelope is sealed, your application will be ready for posting.

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