How to Record Internally With GoldWave

Updated April 17, 2017

GoldWave is a commercial audio recording and editing software designed for use with Windows operating systems. The program can be used to record audio from external sources such as a microphone or cassette player. It can also be used to record audio playing internally on the computer such as an audio file stored on the computer or Internet audio. To record internally with GoldWave you have to select the computer sound card as the recording source.

Launch the GoldWave application. Click "New." A dialogue box will open.

Set the "Sampling rate" to "44100" and the "Number of channels" to "2 (stereo)" if you want to make a CD quality recording of your audio. Set the "Initial file length" to your preferred setting. Click "OK."

Go to the "Options" menu and select "Control Properties" (or you can simply press "F11" on the computer keyboard. The "Control Properties" dialogue box will open.

Click on the "Device" tab. Select the computer's sound card from the "Device" drop-down menu in the "Record" section. Set the "Quality" to "16-bit" if you want to make a CD quality recording. Click "OK."

Open the audio file stored on your computer that you would like to record into GoldWave. Or, if you want to record audio from the Internet, launch the computer's Web browser and navigate to the Web page that has the audio you want to record.

Click the "Record" button, which looks like a red dot, in the GoldWave Control Window. Play back the audio file. You should see activity in the "L" and "R" level meters located in the Control Window if the internal audio signal is being recorded. Ideally, the meter level should peak in the orange or low red area. If it peaks in the high red area, the recorded audio will sound distorted during playback. If it peaks below the orange area, the audio volume might sound too low.

Click the "Record Stop" button in the GoldWave Control Window when you are ready to end the recording. The "Record Stop" button looks like a red square.


There are to ways to adjust the record input level. One way is to open the GoldWave "Control Properties" dialogue box. Go to the "Volume" tab. Adjust the "Wave Out Mix" slider. The other way is to adjust the "Wave" volume in the Windows "Volume Control" properties box. To access the Windows "Volume Control" properties, right-click the speaker icon in the notification area of the task bar.

Things You'll Need

  • GoldWave 5.58
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