How to Create a Pokemon Trainer Card With All Region Badges

Updated July 19, 2017

A Pokemon Trainer Card is a nice way to advertise your experience as a Pokemon Trainer online. Challengers and trading partners will be drawn in by the monsters and gym badges you display on the Pokemon Trainer Card. If you have conquered all of the Pokemon Gyms in every game, there is no reason not to show your skill off to everyone who glances at your card. Making a custom card with every gym badge is an easy and creative way to advertise your Pokemon prowess.

Open a Pokemon Trainer Card creator on your Internet browser. Examples include "Sunscorch's Uber Trainer Card Creator" and the Trainer Card Maker offered by ""

Fill out your Pokemon Trainer name, Friend Code, Pokemon Trainer avatar and six Pokemon for the Pokemon Trainer Card. Only enter your Friend Code if you are actively looking for new people to play "Pokemon" games online with.

Select the individual region badges from the check boxes to fill out your Pokemon Trainer Card. Some cards allow you to add every badge from every region, allowing you to pick and choose individual badges or all of them at once. Other Pokemon Trainer Card makers only allow you to choose a set of gym badges from a single region.


Choose the six Pokemon that you use the most during Pokemon battles, your six favourite monsters or any combination of Pokemon that best represents you. Many of the Pokemon Trainer Card creators also let you choose a colourful background for your stats.

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