How to Stop Being Paranoid About Cheating

Updated February 21, 2017

Infidelity is a major issue that can change the course of a relationship forever. Beyond the obvious trust issues that cheating creates with your partner, it can also spread to future relationships.. Even if you are with a partner who has never cheated on you, shadows of past infidelity can affect your ability to trust. If you have found yourself acting paranoid over cheating, take the time to fix your behaviours or you might doom your own relationship.

Analyse the factors that make you suspect that someone is cheating. If you have dealt with infidelity before, think about the lies that your were told or the behaviours that make you suspicious. These are things that trigger your fear response.

Talk with your significant other about the issue. Let them know that you have had issues with cheating in the past, and let them know about the things that trigger you.

Allow your partner their space. While this can be hard at first, it is an essential part of getting over the fear of cheating. Allow them to hang out with their friends and pursue their solo hobbies uninterrupted. Building trust is hard, but it is worth it in the end.

Occupy yourself whenever you feel as though you are getting paranoid. Whenever you feel that you are getting worried about cheating, find something with which to distract yourself. Taking your mind off your fears is an important facet.

Ask for reassurance when you need it. Sometimes, it is important to hear your partner say that he will never cheat on you.

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