How to tone down brassy roots

Updated February 21, 2017

If you dye your hair blond or even just do highlights, you may know the annoying problem of the colour getting brassy. Blond roots are one area colour brasses, as the top of your head tends to weather the most damage from sunlight which is a common cause of brassiness in blond colour. If you love your blond locks, but hate dealing with brassy roots, learn how to tone them down to get a bit of your blond colour back.

Change your shower head and replace it with a shower head water softener. Often, brassiness can be caused by iron and calcium in your shower water so remedy this to help combat brassiness. Shower head softeners can be found at most home appliance stores and are easily screwed in place of your existing shower head.

Switch to a shampoo made for blonds that will help fight off and counteract brassiness. These shampoos contain blue and purple hues that can help correct the imbalance in your colour while preventing brassy tones. Use the shampoo daily until brassiness is gone, then use twice a week between regular shampoos. Find these blond-boosting shampoos at your local beauty supply store.

Apply a hair protectant spray with SPF protection to just- washed hair, concentrating it at the roots. These products help protect your hair from weather and the environment which can wear hair down and cause colour to fade and brass. Apply after showering and spritz dry hair lightly with it before going out.

Apply a toner to the roots of your hair that is blue-based and made specifically for treating brassiness. Toners are semi-permanent and applied like a home hair dye using gloves. While they fade over time, you can use them whenever you need to treat brassiness. Preventive steps, such as a new shower softener and shampoo, should help keep brassiness at bay. Find toner at your local beauty supply store.

Things You'll Need

  • Shower head water softener
  • Specialised shampoo for blonde hair
  • Hair protectant spray with SPF
  • Toner with a blue-base
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