Sony Bravia LCD Digital TV Troubleshooting

Updated July 20, 2017

There are a few problems you may experience while using a Sony Bravia high-definition television (HDTV). Some of these problems include poor image quality (or no images at all), poor audio quality (or no audio at all) and screen freezes. While you may ultimately need to have the TV professionally repaired, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can try out first.

Check the video cables if you are not seeing any images on the screen. If they are loose or disconnected, securely reconnect them. Try pressing the "Input" button on the remote until you see images on the screen to see if you have the wrong input source selected. If image quality is poor, try moving the television away from electronic equipment that may be interfering with the picture. Turn to another channel to see if the current channel is simply experiencing technical difficulties.

Check the audio cables if there is no sound or if sound quality is poor. If they are loose or disconnected, securely reconnect them. Check the sound set-up by pressing the "Menu" button and selecting "Sound." Find the "MTS Audio" option and set it to "Stereo" if it is not set already. This generally provides the best quality sound. Also check the "Speakers" option and ensure it is set to "TV Speakers." If it is set to "Audio System," audio quality from the television suffers.

Reset the television to factory defaults if you are experiencing screen freezes or other similar problems. With the television on, press and hold the arrow up button on the remote. Press the "Power" button on the TV's front panel (while still holding the arrow up button), and the TV turns itself off, then back on. When the TV turns back on, release the arrow up button.


Resetting the television to its factory defaults also clears the Parental Locks settings, meaning that if you had any channels or programs blocked, you must block them again.

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