How to Type a Gangster Smiley

Updated November 21, 2016

Emoticons, or smiley faces, are animated or typed faces primarily used in instant messaging, such as MSN, and text messaging. Emoticons are used to express and emphasise the emotions that are normally understood through facial expressions and body language in face-to-face conversations. Smiley faces, such as the eye-rolling, winking and gangster emoticons, are also used in humorous ways. Typing a gangster smiley face is simple and requires only a few keystrokes.

Type a lower-case "q" into your keyboard. The "q" represents a hat that is on sideways, which is the "gangster" element of the smiley face.

Add a colon directly beside the lower-case "q." You now have "q:" typed into the keyboard. The colon represents the emoticon's eyes.

Finish the gangster smiley face with a closing parenthesis, which represents the mouth. You now have "q:)" typed into the keyboard. Experiment with giving your gangster smiley faces different emotions; use an "o," "s," "d" or "l" in place of the ")" to represent a surprised, confused, grinning or disappointed gangster.


Experiment with using different smiley emoticons to express how you feel through text or instant messages, such as winking, sarcastic, sad, surprised and disappointed faces.

Things You'll Need

  • Keyboard
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