How to Make a Volcano Cake

Updated November 21, 2016

Volcanoes are a source of fascination for children and adults alike. Therefore, when you are planning a party for someone who is interested in volcanoes, consider baking a cake that is shaped like a volcano. Because volcanoes have a basic shape, creating one your own is fairly simple. Use frosting to make the volcano look as though it is erupting.

Place your 9-inch cake on the centre of your cake platter. Put a layer of frosting on top of it, then stack your 8-inch cake on top of it. Repeat this process and place the 7-inch cake on top of the 8-inch cake.

Use your serrated knife to carve the sides of the cake so that they look like a mountain. The sides should be smooth, rather than looking like three cakes of graduating sizes placed on top of each other.

Apply a layer of brown frosting to the cake.

Place red frosting inside a pastry bag and pipe it onto the sides of the cake, so that it looks like lava is streaming from the top of the volcano down the sides.

Clean out the pastry bag and place orange frosting inside it. Repeat the step above, overlapping the red and orange frosting in some places.

Things You'll Need

  • 9-inch round cake
  • Cake platter
  • 8-inch round cake
  • 7-inch round cake
  • Brown frosting
  • Serrated knife
  • Pastry bag
  • Red frosting
  • Orange frosting
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