How to Insert a Watermark Into Excel 2007

Updated March 23, 2017

Microsoft Excel 2007 is the spreadsheet application included in the Microsoft Office 2007 suite of business productivity products. A watermark is a partially opaque image that appears behind the text and graphics in a document. Common watermarks include "Draft" or "Confidential." Though Microsoft Excel 2007 does not include a watermark feature by default as Microsoft Word 2007 does, a watermark may be created using the word art feature in the spreadsheet application.

Open Excel 2007 by clicking the Windows Start icon, selecting the "All Programs" link and clicking the "Microsoft Office" folder. Click "Microsoft Excel 2007" to open the program. Click the Microsoft Office icon and select "Open" to open an existing spreadsheet, or click "New" to create a new spreadsheet.

Click the "Insert" tab on the top navigation bar, located above the navigation ribbon.

Select the "WordArt" menu from the Text group.

Click a style to use for the word art. You can choose any style that appeals to you or is appropriate for the type of document you are watermarking.

Type the word you wish to use for the watermark. For example, type "Draft."

Click the "Format" tab on the navigation ribbon if it is not already visible, and then click "Text Fill" in the WordArt group. Select "No Fill" from the Text Fill drop-down list.

Select "Text Outline" in the WordArt group on the navigation ribbon. Then select the "Automatic" option from the drop-down options.

Click "Send to Back" in the Format tab's Arrange group on the navigation ribbon. The watermark appears behind the text and characters in the Excel 2007 spreadsheet.

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