How to Remove a Brass Push-to-Connect Fitting

Updated February 21, 2017

Brass push-to-connect plumbing fittings are an easy way to install, repair or modify tubing made from CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) or copper. The fittings work by using a combination of O-rings, grab teeth and collars to join CPVC to CPVC tubing, CPVC to copper tubing and copper-to-copper tubing. The advanced push-fit design creates a watertight seal without the need of soldering or using glue. Removing the reusable fittings requires either a disconnect clip or disconnect tongs that are designed specifically for the push-fit fittings.

Place a disconnect clip on the tubing so that the face of the clip rests firmly against the fitting's collar.

Apply firm pressure to the clip, forcing it against the release collar of the fitting.

Twist and pull the applicable tubing while maintaining pressure on the disconnect clip to release the tubing from the push-fit fitting.

Place the disconnect tongs so that one fork is around the tubing and the other fork is around the neck of the push-fit fitting.

Squeeze the disconnect tongs firmly with one hand.

Twist and pull the applicable tubing with your other hand to release the tubing from the push-fit fitting.


After removing the push-fit fitting, examine the fitting and tubing end for damage.


Turn off the water supply and release any pressure on the lines by running a faucet before removing fittings.

Things You'll Need

  • Disconnect clip
  • Disconnect tongs
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