How to DIY with crafts: Gift ideas for a 50th birthday present

A 50th birthday is a milestone that can to be celebrated with a personalised gift. Creating your own handmade gift shows you care. Crafting a memory box is one idea for this milestone birthday. A memory box full of old photos and other mementos will work as a gift for people who are nostalgic. Another idea is an "over the hill" gag gift such as a wind chime made with numbers representing the number 50. Whichever do-it-yourself gift you chose, your special person will be pleased.

Memory Box

Glue coloured paper to the outside of a cigar box or other small to medium sized box. Use scissors if necessary to cut out smaller pieces of paper. Allow it to dry completely.

Write the birthday person's name with coloured marker or paint on the lid of the box. This will give the box a personalised feel.

Decorate the exterior of the box with any decorations you have such as glitter, paint, markers, shells, stickers or pom-pom balls. Use your judgment to decide what kind of look you want for the birthday present. You may want to keep the memory box simple with just paint and glitter or add as many decorative pieces as possible.

Glue a picture of the birthday person inside the lid of the box, so she will see herself when she opens it.

Fill the memory box with personal mementos such as old photos, concert ticket stubs, handwritten poems or pressed flowers. Place objects that have meaning to the birthday person and your connection to him.

1950s Garden Chime

Tie wire to three metal fives and three metal zeros. These may be purchased at a hardware store in the section where house numbers are sold. The numbers should be about ten cms or four-inches tall.

Tie a zero to the middle of the driftwood. If you cannot find driftwood, you can use a tree branch about 6.5cm (2 1/2-inches) thick and 25 cm (10-inches) long.

Tie a five next to the zero you tied in the middle of the driftwood. Add another five on the other side of the middle zero.

Tie the rest of the numbers to the driftwood. Hang each number at different lengths to look like a real garden wind chime.

Tie ribbon to the top middle of your driftwood to create a loop for hanging the wind chime. Cut off any excess ribbon with scissors.


A memory box can be spray painted rather than wrapped with paper before decorating, or wrap it with wrapping paper. The birthday person's name may be cut out of construction paper or use sticker letters. You may write the birthday person's name on the driftwood for the garden chime gift. Glue on small wooden letters or write it out with a paint marker.


Adult supervision is needed when crafting these projects.

Things You'll Need

  • Cigar box or another small to medium box with a lid
  • Coloured paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Markers or paint
  • Decorations
  • Photograph of the birthday person
  • Mementos such as pressed flowers, ticket stubs, photos, and handwritten poems
  • Three metal number five house numbers
  • Three metal house numbers of zero
  • 25cm/10-inch piece of driftwood
  • Thin wire
  • Two-inch ribbon
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