How to Make an Arrow Symbol on a Mac

Updated March 23, 2017

The Windows operating system uses a character map and keyboard shortcuts to display special characters. The Mac OS has a similar feature known as the character palette. You may want to insert arrows into a document to emphasise a particular word or phrase. Unfortunately, the Mac system has no keyboard shortcut to insert an arrow symbol; however, you can simply open the character palette and choose the directional arrow you want to add.

Open the document you want to place the arrow symbol in. Click the "Edit" tab on the menu.

Click "Special Characters." The character palette will now open. Alternatively, you can click "Input," then "Show Character Palette" to open the viewer.

Click "Arrows" on the left sidebar. The available arrows are displayed in the window.

Click on the arrow you want to insert into the document and then click "Insert." The arrow will appear where your pointer was in the document.

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