How to find out when someone goes to court

There was time if you were interested in finding out the date and time of a future court appearance you had to trek to the court and ask a clerk to check the court's records. Well you can still make the trip but with the rise of the Internet that information is literally a key stroke away. Because court dates are a matter of public record, in every state, it is also possible to ascertain the time and date of a court appearance for someone other than yourself.

Call the court where the hearing is to take place and ask the clerk for the time and date that the party is to appear. The clerk will generally need information such as: the name of the individual; maybe a social security number; and possibly date of birth. The clerk should be able to provide the information requested.

Go to the courthouse and proceed to the clerk's office. Tell the clerk you are seeking information regarding the time and date of a future court appearance. As with calling the court, you will need some minimal information, for the clerk to locate the subject and the subject's court case. The clerk will search the court's database and provide you with the information requested.

Log on the court's website and search for the "public access" section or online access. Determine if the case is a civil or criminal case. Select the appropriate division and enter the person name. On most online court searches a list of names with birth dates and addresses will be returned. Choose the correct subject and the information should be listed in the docket section.

Things You'll Need

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
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