How to Insert Section Breaks in PowerPoint

Updated May 10, 2017

The 2010 edition of PowerPoint, Microsoft's powerful presentation software, contains a new feature for organising your slides: sections. Use this feature to arrange PowerPoint slides into groups -- something especially useful for large presentations and presentations with multiple presenters. Whether you want to divide your slides into themes, create sections to fit a particular timeline or assign sections to specific presenters, this function makes it possible.

Start PowerPoint 2010 and open your presentation file.

Click the space between the two slides where the section break should start. Alternatively, click on the slide that should begin the new section. The section break will occur before this slide.

Find the Slides group on the "Home" tab. Click "Section" and select "Add Section."


For an alternative way to insert section breaks in PowerPoint, right-click the space between two slides where you want the section break to start and click "Add Section."

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