How to Get Bluetooth on a Laptop for a Compaq CQ60

Updated July 20, 2017

Bluetooth is a short-range wireless data transmission technology used to connect electronic devices. Computers can take advantage of Bluetooth technology. Unfortunately, many laptops, such as the HP Compaq CQ60, do not include this feature, so they are unable to connect to devices using Bluetooth technology. However, you can install an external Bluetooth adaptor to your Compaq CQ60 so that you will be able to connect electronic devices to your laptop via a secure, fast and synchronised wireless link.

Insert the installation CD for the adaptor into the CD drive of your computer. The installation wizard should run automatically. If the wizard does not open, click "Start," and "Computer," then double-click on the CD drive icon. The wizard will start.

Follow the wizard instructions. For example, click on "Accept the license agreement," and select a folder where your adaptor software and its drivers will be installed. Use the default settings offered by the wizard. Do not insert the Bluetooth adaptor into the USB port of the computer until prompted by the wizard.

Insert the Bluetooth adaptor when prompted by the wizard. The system will detect this new device and continue with the installation. Click "Finish" when the installation is complete. A Bluetooth icon (blue) appears in the notification area (in the lower right corner of the screen). Bluetooth is now installed on your laptop.


If you do not have the Bluetooth installation CD, click on "Start," "Control Panel" and "Add Bluetooth device." Choose "I have no CD" and let Windows browse the Internet to find the appropriate software and drivers for your new Bluetooth device. You can connect your Compaq CQ60 to a Bluetooth printer or to other Bluetooth-enabled audio and video devices. Bluetooth can be used to exchange photos and pictures between your Compaq CQ60 and any mobile phone or camera equipped with Bluetooth. To exchange large files -- such as pictures, HD videos, or mutiple MP3 tracks -- between your laptop and your mobile phone, use a USB connector cable. It will probably be faster than using Bluetooth.


Do not buy a Bluetooth PCMIA card. Such cards offer more stable performance, but they are not supported by your HP Compaq CQ60 laptop. Beware of counterfeit Bluetooth adaptors. Equipment not certified by Windows could damage your laptop. Choose a Bluetooth adaptor made by a well-known manufacturer. To avoid any risk of piracy, turn off the Bluetooth when not in use.

Things You'll Need

  • External Bluetooth adaptor
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