How to Operate a Panasonic TV With Bose

Updated February 21, 2017

Bose speaker systems interconnect to a central control module, which can then be hooked up to an amplifier or receiver for power and an audio signal for playback. Panasonic television sets are equipped with audio jacks for connecting to a home theatre system. To operate the Panasonic with a Bose speaker system, you'll need an intermediate component to amplify the TV's audio signal. Any amplifier or receiver with speaker connections will work. Bose systems come with speaker wires.

Plug the cable attached to each Bose speaker into the back of the control module, using the labelled jacks on the module to guide your connections. For example, the left-front speaker plugs into the LF jack.

Attach the plug on one end of the speaker wire harness to the input jack on the Bose control module.

Connect each labelled pair of speaker wires on the other end of the harness to the corresponding audio jacks on the back of your amplifier or receiver. For example, the two wires labelled RF connect to the right front terminals on the back of the amp or receiver.

Plug in the AV cable from the Panasonic TV's output jacks to a set of inputs on the rear of the amp or receiver, such as "Video 1" or "Video 2."

Plug in the electrical cords for all equipment and turn on the power.

Dial the component selector knob on the front of your amp or receiver, or press the appropriate button on its remote control, to connect with the TV input. For example, if the Panasonic is connect to the "Video 1" jacks, set the input to "Video 1" and adjust the volume to the desired level. The Panasonic's audio output can now be heard through the Bose speakers.

Things You'll Need

  • Surround sound receiver
  • AV cable
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