How to Write a Flirty Letter

Updated June 13, 2017

Writing a flirty letter is fun if you are communicating with someone you are in a relationship with or want to be in a relationship with. There are several ways to talk to someone that do not include letter writing, but these are not as creative or as special as getting a handwritten letter. If you want to write a flirty letter, there are a few ways you can do this that will leave a lasting impression on the person you have a crush on.

Include a scent, if you're female. Scents can warrant emotional and behavioural responses. The limbic system is activated when we smell something that is pleasing to us, and it triggers a wide variety of emotions and can even lead to arousal. Some popular scent choices with males include vanilla and cinnamon, but the smell of the perfume you use most often will be effective. There is nothing flirtier than getting a letter from a girl who has sprayed a little squirt of her perfume on it.

Add symbols of emotions. Instead of just writing with words, why not include little smiley faces and winks? Little hearts are also a good idea. These emoticons, along with drawings, will add character and interest to your letter. They will also effectively communicate an emotion. Adding emoticons to your letter will set it apart from a typical letter a guy may get from anyone else.

Attach a photograph. If you have a flattering photograph of yourself, specifically either a professional one or one you took just for him, include it. This will add another dimension to the letter and will give him something to remind him of you. He might even frame it!

Use descriptive language. When writing a flirty letter, try to make your language as descriptive and vivid as possible. This will give him mental images to think about when reading through your writing. You can tell him about how much you want to see him, the way he makes you feel, or activities you would like to do with him.

End on a surprising note. After you sign your letter, include a PS that will surprise him. You can ask if he would like to meet you somewhere at a certain time, or direct him to go someplace and get a surprise that will be waiting for him. Make how you sign your letter unexpected and flirtatious. He should be wanting to see you as soon as possible.

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