How to Turn on BlackBerry Curve 8520 Voicemail

Updated February 21, 2017

The Blackberry Curve 8520 is a smartphone made by Research in Motion. The Curve 8520 offers Blackberry Messenger service, text message service, e-mail functions, web browsing, Internet chat applications, as well as standard cell phone features such as voice communication and voice mail. Voice mail is simply the ability to leave an audio message for someone when they are unable to answer the phone. You can then access these messages from your cell phone or another phone by calling your own phone number. A voice mail feature is integrated with the Blackberry Curve 8520 operating system.

Make sure that voice mail is set up with your wireless provider and that you have already created a numeric password. Every provider is different, so you may wish to refer to any information given to you by the provider or call the nearest office. As an example, if you wish to set up voice mail with AT&T wireless, you will need to hold down the "1" key on your Blackberry Curve, wait for the voice mail to be dialled, and listen to the instructions for setting up a greeting message and password.

Check to see that your voice mail information is entered into your Blackberry Curve 8520. Click the "Send" button, the button with a green picture of a telephone handset under the screen and on the left.

Press the "Menu" button, the key just to the right of the Send button.

Use the track pad to scroll down until the word "Options" is highlighted. Press the track pad to select this option.

Scroll down to select "Voice Mail". Press on the track pad to select this option.

Check to see if the number for your voice mail matches the number given to you by your service provider. Highlight the number and change it if it does not.

Check to see if a password is already entered into the password field. If one is not, or it is not your password, highlight the field and enter in your password.

Check the voice mail by pressing the send key, followed by the menu key, scrolling to "Call Voice Mail" and selecting this option by pressing on the trackpad.

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