How to Turn On the FSX Missions Pointer

Written by chappy sinclair | 13/05/2017

Microsoft Flight Simulator (FSX) is a flying simulator that allows you to fly various types of aircraft in missions designed to test your knowledge of aircraft operations and control skill. After a detailed briefing before each mission, you are placed in an aircraft -- either alone or with a computer controlled co-pilot -- and have to complete the mission objective within the mission parameters as stated at the start of the mission. The mission pointer is an optional navigation tool that helps you find the next portion of the mission.

Turn on the Mission Pointer by pressing the "U" key, which is the default key for the Mission Pointer. Turning on the Mission Pointer will also enable the Mission Compass in the Heading Indicator.

Use the look controls -- the arrow keys by default -- to locate the mission pointer on screen.

Fly to the Mission Pointer. When you reach the Mission Pointer, it will automatically move to the next location you're suppose to go to.

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