How to Put Shoelaces on Adidas

Updated March 23, 2017

One of the most popular brands of athletic shoes, the European-made Adidas, is widely worn in the United States. Many Adidas designs come with traditional holes for shoelaces but the laces are separate, while others do not need shoelaces at all. For the Adidas shoes that do need shoelaces, you have several options for lacing them up.

Try on the shoes first. This helps you see how tight or loose they are, and therefore how much of the shoelaces you will need to use when tying them. If the shoes pinch at a certain point, such as over the ball of your foot, tie the laces looser in these areas.

Decide on a lacing pattern. Though you can tie Adidas in the traditional way, you can also make a pattern with the laces. As the shoes are often black or white, using a contrasting colour for the laces can create a bold visual statement. You could also hide the first loop of the laces under the tongue of the shoe, lacing up only every other hole to make a large pattern of Xs.

Thread your laces. After deciding which pattern to tie with your laces, thread one end of the shoelace through one of the bottommost holes of the shoe, lacing the other one immediately afterward. This should make a horizontal line across the top of your shoe. Pull the laces taut. If you wish to hide this line, pull up the shoe's tongue over the line.

Lace one side. Taking one side of the shoelace, pull it through the first hole on the opposite side. Lace the second hole on the same side on which you began and repeat, making a diagonal pattern across the shoe.

Lace the other side. Repeat Step 4 using the other side of the shoelace and the shoe.

Tie the shoelaces at the top. Using a bow or a knot, tie the shoelaces together.

Cut off extra shoelace material. Leave a little slack and trim the ends. You may wish to knot the ends of the shoelaces after cutting them to prevent unravelling.

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