How to Return Items to an Apple Store

Updated March 23, 2017

It is inevitable that you will one day come across an Apple product that you must return due to either a defect or dissatisfaction. Apple provides its customers with a simple return policy and an efficient means to return products. Whether you are returning an iPhone or a computer, Apple's online return processor will help you quickly return your unwanted product for a refund or replacement.

Open your preferred Internet browser and make your way to the Order Status page of the Apple website (Reference 1).

Enter your Apple ID and password into the text boxes in the left-side column and log in. If you forgot your Apple ID password, click "Forgot Password?" next to the "Password" box. Enter your Apple ID on the password reset page. Click the link in the Email sent to you by Apple to reset your password (Reference 2).

Review your order details and click "Return Items".

Browse the return items page and locate the item you wish to return. Once you've selected it, click "Return Selected" next to the item you wish to return.

Ensure your item details and shipping address are correct. If everything is in order, click "Submit Return Request" below your details.

Print the address label that will appear onscreen once you submit your request by clicking "Print Label".

Insert the printed label into the plastic return sleeve on your packaging when possible, otherwise tape your label to the box using clear packing tape.

Mail your product and await a refund or a return.

Repackage your unwanted product in its original packaging. Be sure to include all discs, manuals and cables.

Make your way to the same store you bought your unwanted product from with your repackaged return and sales receipt in hand. If the product you are returning was a gift from an unknown Apple store location or purchased from a store that is not near your current residence, return it to your nearest Apple store and the staff will help accommodate your situation.

Speak to a member of the Customer Service department and notify him that you would like to make a return, then state your reason for the return.

Follow your customer service representative's instructions for returning the product. This will differ for different types of products returned, so feel free to ask her any questions you may have.

Fill out and sign the necessary paperwork to complete the refund, return or replacement of your unwanted Apple product.


Use original packaging when possible. If you have multiple returns to make, you may pack them into a single box and ship them under the same label.


Make note that you only have 14 days to return your unwanted product after you submit your request. Return your product in a timely manner to avoid being stuck with it. If you purchased an Apple product online and wish to return it to an Apple retail store, it is generally unlikely that you will be able to do so without incurring a return fee as the retail store will have to return it by mail on your behalf. This is simply due to the fact that online and retail products stem from two different branches of Apple and returning an Internet purchase to a physical store requires mailing it back to the online sales department, regardless.

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