How to Send Happy Birthday Cards Online

Updated April 17, 2017

It is important to recognise the birthdays of your loved ones, but the days of sending a card in the mail are in the past. The new revolution of card sending is the electronic format, or e-cards. E-cards are convenient and send the same message as a mailed card. In some ways they are better, because elements such as animation and music can be added to an e-card that cannot be added to a regular paper card.

Determine the theme of your e-card. Do you want your card to be funny, emotional, or sarcastic? However you want to send your birthday greetings, an e-card is available with just the right message.

Choose an e-card website. There are numerous e-card websites to select from, and you can easily find a list by typing "e-cards" into your favourite online search engine. Some of the sites offer free e-cards and some require a small fee; generally e-cards can be sent for free.

Select an e-card that appeals to you and compose your message for the e-card. What do you want your e-card to say? Most e-card companies offer a text box for you to attach your own personal message to your card. Some even provide a box to type information which the card will say aloud, or you can call in to attach your own voice to the e-card.

E-mail the card to its recipient. One thing you must know about the person who receives the card is their e-mail address, and most e-card sites require you to include your e-mail address as well.


Be sure you know if the website you choose requires payment for the e-cards or if they are free.

Things You'll Need

  • E-card website
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