How to get rid of cabbage smell

Cabbage may be a tasty vegetable that contains vitamin C, beta-carotene and dietary fibre, but some cooks struggle with the cabbage-y odour that is released during its cooking process. Fortunately, the strong odours that often fill a kitchen when you are cooking cabbage do not have to drive you away. You can neutralise the bad odours instead. With a few steps, you can enjoy your cooked cabbage without unpleasantly strong odours filling your home.

Pour about 1 inch of white vinegar into the bowl. Place the bowl on the counter near the stove where you prepared the cabbage. Leave the bowl of vinegar sitting out to absorb the cabbage odours.

Add about 1 tsp white vinegar to the pot while the cabbage is cooking. The vinegar will neutralise cabbage odours.

Measure 1 tbsp lemon juice and pour it into the cooking pot in which you are cooking the cabbage. The lemon juice will neutralise cabbage odours and stop them from entering the air.


According to the University of Illinois Extension, cooks can utilise a few tips to avoid cabbage odours while cooking. Do not use aluminium cooking pans to cook cabbage; aluminium reacts strongly to the isothiocynates present in fresh cabbage, creating sulphur compounds while the cabbage cooks. Minimise these odours by using stainless steel pots and cooking cabbage quickly. Never overcook cabbage.

Things You'll Need

  • White vinegar
  • Small bowl
  • Lemon juice
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