How Do You Get Auto Confirmation of Email Receipt on Microsoft Outlook?

Updated April 17, 2017

E-mail tracking in Microsoft Outlook can take the form of a delivery receipt or a read receipt. A delivery receipt will send you an e-mail that tells you that your e-mail was delivered to the intended mailbox. However, just because an e-mail was delivered does not mean it was opened by the person you sent it to. A read receipt will notify you that the recipient opened the email. Outlook lets you set delivery and read receipts on a per-e-mail basis, or globally for all e-mails you send.

Open Microsoft Outlook. Click the "Home" tab and click "New Email."

Click the "Options" tab. Click "Request A Delivery Receipt" to receive an e-mail notification when your e-mail is delivered to the recipient's mailbox. Click "Request a Read Receipt" to get an e-mail notification when the mail is opened by the recipient.

Click "Send." The email is placed in your "Outbox." The next time Outlook checks your e-mail account, automatically or when you click the "Send/Receive All Folders" button, the email is sent and you will receive a delivery or read receipt or both.

Open Microsoft Outlook. Click "File." Click "Options."

Click "Mail. Scroll down to the "Tracking" panel. Click "Delivery Receipt Confirming The Message Was Delivered To The Recipient's E-Mail Server" to receive a delivery receipt for all e-mails you send. Click "Read Receipt Confirming The Recipient Viewed The Message." To receive a read receipt for all outgoing e-mails.

Click "Automatically Update Original Sent Item With Receipt Information" to add delivery or read receipt information to your sent e-mails. Click "OK."


Not all e-mail servers support sending delivery or read receipts back when an e-mail is delivered. Some e-mail clients, including Microsoft Outlook, let the recipient choose to send a read receipt when she opens the email. The recipient can decline to send a read receipt on a per-message basis or for all read receipt requests.

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