How to Connect a Web Cam to a TV

Updated February 21, 2017

A webcam typically connects to a PC or laptop with a USB cable for communicating over the Internet. Some newer television models are equipped with a USB port among other audio-video jacks for connecting equipment, but you can still connect a webcam to your TV even without a USB socket. Buy an adaptor cable with a USB plug on one end and RCA composite plugs on the other. Vurtually all TV sets are equipped with RCA jacks. You'll also need a female-to-female USB adaptor to hook up the webcam's cable to your adaptor cable.

Push the USB plug on the end of your webcam into one end of the USB female adaptor.

Connect the USB plug on your USB-to-RCA adaptor cable to the other end of the female adaptor.

Hook up the RCA plugs to the matching white, red and yellow input jacks on your TV.

Plug in the power cord for the webcam and switch it on.

Turn on the TV and press the video or input button on your remote control until the image captured by the webcam appears on your screen.

Things You'll Need

  • Female-to-female USB adaptor
  • USB-to-RCA cable
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