How to Upgrade My Garmin Nuvi 200 GPS

Updated July 18, 2017

Like most electronic devices, Nuvi 200 GPS units come with upgradeable software. Garmin, the Nuvi 200's developer, has released multiple updates for the device designed to the interface and fix technical issues, among other things. To upgrade your device, Garmin supplies free software, called WebUpdater, which you install on your computer. After installing WebUpdater, connect your Nuvi 200 to your computer and let the software automatically search for and download upgrades.

Visit Garmin's WebUpdater software download website (see Resources).

Click the WebUpdater software download link corresponding with your operating system version. Agree to the terms of use on the following page. You are then directed to the download link.

Click "Download" and save the file when prompted. The download lasts a few seconds with high-speed Internet.

Execute the WebUpdater installation program after it finishes downloading. Follow its prompts to complete installation.

Connect the Nuvi 200 to your computer using its USB cable, which was included in the device's packaging.

Open WebUpdater and click "Next" to go to the device set-up page.

Click "Find Device" from the list of options. WebUpdater takes a moment to recognise your Nuvi 200.

Click the Nuvi 200 in the "results" section and click "Next." WebUpdater searches for updates online, then delivers a list.

Place checks next to each desired upgrade and click "Next." If no upgrades appear then the Nuvi is already up-to-date.

Accept the terms of use for the upgrade and click "Next." WebUpdater upgrades your Nuvi's software.

Things You'll Need

  • WebUpdater Software
  • Nuvi 200 USB cable
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