How to Make a Shave Scuttle

Updated April 17, 2017

A shaving scuttle will keep lather warm while shaving. These simple containers come in many sizes and shapes, but all serve the same purpose. Whether you are using a modern cartridge razor, double edge razor or a straight edge razor, a shave scuttle will help make your shaving experience as comfortable as possible. Building a scuttle yourself is a simple process and allows you to save money over expensive, commercially available scuttles.

Put a large ceramic bowl on your bathroom counter and fill it with hot tap water. The ceramic bowl should be heavy so that it is able to hold heat. A ceramic bowl with a flat bottom will also prevent movement of the homemade scuttle when making lather.

Place a mug in the centre of the ceramic bowl. Once again, the mug should be heavy so that it is able to absorb heat and retain it. A mug with a handle, while not necessary, will be easier to hold while making lather. The mug does not need to be fastened to the ceramic bowl. Cleaning will be much easier with removable parts.

Fill the ceramic bowl with hot tap water. The ceramic mug will absorb the heat from the water, which, in turn, will make the shaving lather warm. Sometimes it is necessary to fill the ceramic bowl and leave the hot water for five minutes, empty the water and refill the bowl. This will result in more heat being transferred to the mug.


Do not fill the shaving scuttle with boiling water. Water could potentially spill and burn you.

Things You'll Need

  • Large ceramic bowl
  • Ceramic mug
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