How to burn ISO files larger than 4.7 gb

Updated July 20, 2017

If you have a piece of software in ISO format and it's too large to fit on a standard blank DVD, burn the image on a dual-layer disc. ISO images need to be burnt on a single disc in ISO format to be recognised as disc images for software installation or live-disc booting. Blank dual-layer DVDs hold up to 8.5 GB and work with image-burning software the same way as single-layer discs. You won't need to configure the ISO-burning project any special way to burn a dual-layer disc.

Download and install the free ISO-burning software from ImgBurn. Launch ImgBurn.

Click "Write image file to disc." Search through the directories in the top-left window for the folder containing your ISO file. Click the file in the top-right window to select the file.

Click "Add Selected" in the bottom window to add the file to the conversion queue. Click "New Disc" to go to the disc-writing screen.

Insert a blank dual-layer DVD in your computer. Drag the image file icon at the bottom of the screen over to the blank disc to start burning the file.

Download and install the .NET framework. Download and install CD Burner XP. Despite its name, CD Burner XP works with dual-layer DVDs and all Windows operating systems after and including Windows 2000.

Click "Burn ISO image." Click "OK" to go to the disc-set-up screen.

Click "Select ISO image to burn" and add the ISO file from your hard drive. Click the drop-down menu next to "Device" and choose your dual-layer burner.

Check the box next to "Override speed detection" to prevent disc-writing errors. Check the box next to "Finalize disc" if you aren't using rewritable media.

Insert a blank dual-layer DVD and click "Burn disc."

Download and install the disc-image burner from Free ISO Burner. Run the program.

Click "Open" to add an ISO file to the image burner. Check the box next to "Finalize Disc" if you aren't using rewritable media.

Insert a blank dual-layer disc in your computer. Click "Burn" to write the ISO file to the disc.


Click the "Verify disc" feature on the opening screen of ImgBurn to ensure that your disc-image will burn correctly before burning a bootable software disc. This feature helps cut down on wasted DVDs.

Things You'll Need

  • Blank dual-layer DVDs
  • Dual-layer-compatible DVD burner
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