How to Calculate Grades to Percentage

Updated April 17, 2017

Grades are a way for teachers to gauge how well students are doing in class and to assess what they have learnt. Calculate grades to percentage by translating your letter grades to grades on a 100 point scale, finding the percentage grade of each assignment, and finding your overall percentage grade for the entire school term.

Translate letter grades to grades on a 100 point scale. An A equals at least 90 points. A B equals at least 80 and at most 89 points. A C equals at least 70 and at most 79 points. A D equals at least 60 and at most 69 points, and an F equals at most 59 points.

Find the percentage you have received on an assignment or exam by dividing the number of points you received on the assignment or exam by the number of points possible. For example, if an exam has 140 points possible and you receive 89 points on the exam then your percentage is 70 per cent.

Find your overall percentage by making a list of all of the points you have earned for each assignment category that your class uses. For example, mark down all of the grades for your assignments, all of the grades for your exams and so on. Average your grade for each category and multiply each category by the amount of weight that your teacher assigns to each category. For example, if your teacher assigns 25 per cent of your grade to assignments and 30 per cent to exams then multiply your average assignment grade by .25 and your average exam grade by .30. The final sum of each category added together is your overall percentage for the class.

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