How to Make an Anime Calendar

Updated April 17, 2017

The Associated Press covered the growing popularity of anime and manga in the United States as far back as 2006. The predominantly teenage and young adult segment of the population who consider themselves fans of this form of Japanese pop culture transfer their love of anime into many aspects of their daily lives. For example, when keeping track of life's appointments, due dates, meetings and special events, an anime fan may be interested in making an anime calendar so that she can look at anime art every time she checks a date.

Choose a calendar type. A wall calendar, if decorated with anime images, can function as both a room decoration and an organisation tool. A day-by-day calendar can sit on your desk and offers many more options for photos but will also take a lot more work to make. A planner is a high-quality journal-like book that you can carry around with you for easy updating when you make a new appointment or get information about a due date.

Select a theme for your calendar. Decide whether you want to have an anime calendar featuring anime images from one series or from multiple series -- perhaps a compilation of your favourite series or series from your favourite genre of shows. You can also decide to search for images that are relevant to the month or day on your calendar, such as Christmas anime images for December.

Locate enough anime images for your calendar. You can make a wall calendar with 12 primary images or a day-by-day calendar with 365 images. If you've opted to affix images to a daily planner, you'll need 52 images (one for each week). Scan these images in from your own merchandise or right-click to save these images digitally from online sources. Edit these images as desired or leave them as-is. The higher the quality your images, the better they'll look on your calendar.

Purchase or use a calendar-making software or online program. When printing out your own wall calendar or day-by-day calendar at home, you can follow the program's directions for uploading and formatting your calendar. You can even include important dates on the calendar before printing it out. Free online calendar-making services often allow you to upload any images you like, tweak a calendar template to suit your needs and print out the anime calendar without requiring the site's approval for the use of the images you select.

Print out images and glue them in place on a store-bought calendar. Alternatively, if you don't want to use a computer program to print out your original calendar or you like the idea of having a professionally-bound calendar like that of a daily planner, you can make your own anime calendar by simply printing out images and gluing them over the images in the store-bought calendar. You can find cheap calendars at stores such as dollar stores for this purpose.


Opt for high-quality stock paper when printing out your completed calendar or images. This makes the calendar sturdier and less likely to tear. Laminate the images or calendar pages you use if desired. This protects the ink in images from bleeding due to spills.


Don't try to order a personalised calendar from a printing company and provide anime images unless using original anime characters you draw yourself. Anime images are licensed and official printing companies can't legally put these images on calendars for you. Don't clutter a calendar with so many anime images and artistic flourishes that you can't easily read the dates. This defeats the purpose of a calendar.

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