How to Make Your Own Anime Banner

Updated April 17, 2017

The characters featured in Japanese anime are colourful and feature a unique design, which makes them a popular subject of interest for Internet banners. Anime banners are used online to show appreciation for a character, express your online identity or advertise for an anime website or blog. The banners themselves can be merely decorative or used as a hyperlink to an outside website. The best anime banners have an interesting design that is clean enough to make a clear statement but interesting enough to catch your eye.

Search for an anime picture you would like to use for your banner using the search engine of your choice. The ideal picture is bright and attractive, but not too complex and roughly the same size as the banner itself.

Create a new file in your photo editing software in an appropriate banner size. A typical web banner is 468 x 60 pixels, however you may need something bigger or smaller depending on any size restrictions you may have.

Copy and paste the anime picture on a new layer.

Resize the picture using the resize tool until it fits the size of the canvas. Many pictures can look distorted when stretched out, so consider using multiple smaller pictures to create a pattern. The picture need only fill up one part of the banner, as you can use the other half for text.

Add any text you might want using the text tool. The text should be bold and easily read, so pick a simple font and stick to one colour or use the drop shadow tool to add a border around the text so it will stand out.

Add any additional details you wish to have with the tools available to you, such as a solid line border around the outside of the banner using the line tool.

Save your file and upload it to your website or a photo sharing site to use on forums and blogs.


Load your banner into an animation program to add animated text or other special effects. Most animation programs come with preloaded animation templates for banners. Keep your banner simple. Adding too many pictures can make it hard to read the text and creates a busy look that is unattractive to most.


Use high-resolution pictures of a similar size to the banner for best results. Starting with a picture that is too small can make it look pixelated when stretched out and a picture that is too big can look blurry when shrunken.

Things You'll Need

  • Photo editing software
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