How to Consume Neem Powder

Updated February 21, 2017

The Neem plant is a tree with native roots in India. Parts of the Neem plant are used in herbal medicine to relieve or cure many skin issues. Ayurvedic medicine, a philosophy of medicine developed in India, believes that the plant also has healing powers in curing heart disease, pneumonia, malaria and other periodontal diseases. Neem powder can be made from the seeds, leaves or bark. For consumption, use powder made from the leaves, as the seed oil is frequently used as insecticide and deemed toxic if ingested. Neem tea is often used to treat skin conditions such as acne, and is considered a blood purifier.

Purchase Neem powder made specifically for consumption by capsule or tea.

Consult a certified naturopath or herbalist for correct temporary usage of Neem powder capsules. Long term use is not recommended.

Mix 2 tsp of Neem tea powder into 3 cups of water.

Boil water until the tea is reduced to 2 cups of water.

Sweeten tea with sugar or honey to taste. Neem tea is bitter without sweetening.


Consult your doctor to prevent any interactions with any other medications.


Neem is not safe for internal use in pregnant women or those wishing to become pregnant. Children should never use Neem products. Neem is shown to be toxic with long use or high dosages and contains aspirin-like ingredients that can cause Reye syndrome.

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