How to Organize a Prayer Breakfast

Updated February 21, 2017

A prayer breakfast provides a form of fellowship within a church or organisation and gives attendees the chance to unite in prayer over a common theme. Planning a prayer breakfast does not have to be overwhelming. Ask for help among those in the congregation or group and your prayer breakfast will run smoothly.

Select your target audience for the prayer breakfast. Some prayer breakfasts include only women or only men, but you can also have events targeted at teens or families or open them up to anyone.

Select a theme for the prayer breakfast. Themes may be broad such as focusing on praying for spiritual growth and guidance, or may be narrow like focusing on praying for victims of a recent natural disaster or for church members going through a rough time.

Find a location for the breakfast and reserve the space for your intended date. If the event is church-based, speak with the pastor, church secretary or person in charge of room scheduling. Public picnic pavilions at a local park may also provide an option if the weather is warm.

Decide upon funding for the breakfast. Charging admission may cover the cost of the event, but may exclude those on a tight budget. Soliciting donations for the event in terms of food, money and supplies is an alternative.

Form a committee within your congregation or organisation to assist with the planning process for the breakfast. Assign each member a specific task such as cooking, set-up and decoration. Hold several meetings before the event to make sure everyone is on proper track with the task.

Plan the program for the prayer breakfast. Invite any guest speakers to talk about your chosen theme. Prepare a schedule for the event and print programs for attendees to reference during the breakfast.

Advertise your prayer breakfast once the details are firmly in place. Put an ad in the church bulletin. Print flyers and posters to hang throughout the church or organisation. Place an advertisement in the newspaper if you plan to make the event public.

Arrange to have access to the prayer breakfast location approximately two hours to three hours before the start of the event, depending on the size. Use time to set up the space, prepare food, decorate and organise the space to prepare for the arrival of attendees.

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