How to Organize a Women's Tea at Your Church

Updated July 20, 2017

Most girls have had tea parties with their dolls and siblings during their childhood. Holding a tea party at church is a wonderful way to engage in fellowship with other women and a great way to introduce new friends to the church. Tea parties can be held anytime of the year and although there is some preparation involved, tea parties can be memorable events.

Make your idea known to others that you would like the opportunity to hold a tea party at church.

Talk to the Secretary and claim a date on the calendar to reserve a room at the church that does not conflict with any other church events.

Ask for volunteers who enjoy event planning and have the time to help you prepare for the tea party. This would be the time to agree on a theme and share responsibilities between the volunteers so no one person is taking on too much of the work.

Create a flyer or brochure to spread the word that you are hosting a tea party. Make the flyer colourful and fun to attract attention.

Advertise the tea party, not only during church announcements, but around the community. A tea party is an ideal way to invite women who have never been to church and introduce them to the ladies at the church.

Ask local businesses to donate items for an auction. This way, any money raised from the auction can go directly back to the church. Items can be anything from gift cards for spas to gift baskets with a theme, such as "movie night with the family."

Obtain decorations, favours and other items needed for the tea party. Decide where the items will be collected ahead of time and what pieces will be purchases versus handmade.

Set a day aside for all the volunteers to join together to create any handmade items that will be used at the tea party. This includes any centrepieces or party favours.

Visit stores to purchase tea for the event. The ideal would be a variety of different types of teas that guests can sample. Mix a variety of bagged tea as well as loose leaf tea in a variety of flavours.

Decide how early each of the volunteers will arrive to set up the tables and decorations for the tea party. Ask if the church is available the evening before the event in order to get a head start on decorating.

Create a display of auction items at the front where it is easy to see from the tables. Leave plenty of room around the display for guests to view the items. Place auction sheets that describe each item and have pens available for a silent auction, if needed.

Assemble all of the finger food and cook if needed. Place the finger food on plates that will be easy to pass around the table during the tea party.

Ask the volunteers to greet women as they arrive at the church and make sure they are directed into the room where the tea party will be held. Let guests know if their seats are assigned or if they are welcome to sit anywhere.

Socialise with all the women who attend and make sure that they know about the silent auction and the food and tea choices.

Take a moment to sit back and enjoy the event that you worked so hard to plan. Thank each of the volunteers for their time spent to make the tea party an event to remember.


Assign one volunteer for each table and ask them to bring their own tea sets for the table.

Things You'll Need

  • Calendar and notepad
  • Brochures, flyers, or invitations
  • Tablecloths
  • Tea sets
  • Platters or plates
  • Silverware
  • Centrepieces
  • Finger foods and tea
  • Party favours
  • Auction items
  • Door prizes
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