How to Fold a Flag to Fit in a Triangular Box

Updated February 21, 2017

Flag display boxes are made in a triangle shape to display a folded flag. You may fold your flag by laying it out on a table. Display your special flag by placing the shadowbox on a shelf or hanging it on a wall. Add a small brass plaque with the history of your flag to the display box or hang a framed copy of this information beside the box. Any standard size flag can be folded into a triangle and displayed in an appropriately sized triangular shadowbox.

Fold the flag in half lengthwise by bringing the bottom of the flag up to touch the top edge. When folding an American flag, fold the stripes over the stars.

Fold the flag lengthwise again in the same way. The flag will now be a long, narrow rectangle. The stars will show at one end of an American flag.

Bring the bottom right-hand corner of the rectangle up so that the side of the rectangle lies along the top edge, making a triangle at the end of the rectangle.

Fold the top right corner of the triangle to the left along the edge of the triangle, making the shape of the folded flag a rectangle again.

Fold the top right corner of the rectangle down so that the side edge meets the bottom edge.

Fold the bottom right corner triangle to the left along the side of the triangle making the shape of the folded flag a rectangle again.

Continue folding the flag in this way until it is a triangle. An American flag folded this way will have stars on both sides.

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