How to Reset a Buffalo AirStation

Updated February 21, 2017

Buffalo AirStations are high power wireless routers designed for home or small office use. The routers claim to provide additional range and speed over other, low-power alternatives with fewer "dead spots" (areas without signal). Resetting your Buffalo AirStation returns the router to its factory settings; this is useful if you are selling the device or if you make a mistake you cannot undo during programming. All information added to the router since purchase is erased during a reset.

Lift the Buffalo AirStation off its stand, if necessary, and look at the bottom of the router.

Push the sharpened tip of the pencil into the small circular hole on the base of the router and hold it in place.

Hold the pencil in place until the "Diag" LED glows on the side of the router and then remove it.

Wait a few minutes while the router resets itself. Start reconfiguring the software once the process completes.

Things You'll Need

  • Sharp pencil
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