How to Unlock a Vaultz Case

Updated February 21, 2017

The Vaultz company manufactures secure travel and storage cases for CDs, cameras, tools, cash and files. Some Vaultz cases come with a key, but others are protected by rotating, three digit combination locks. If you case has a standard lock, use your key to open it. Unlocking your Vaultz combination lock involves entering the correct numbers in sequence by using the dials and takes just a few seconds.

Rotate the furthest left dial so the first number of your combination is at the centre of the dial.

Turn the second and third dials moving from left to right so the second and third numbers if your combination are at the centre of the dial. The default setting at the factory is "000."

Slide the square button to the right once you have entered all three numbers. The latch springs open when the correct combination is displayed across all three dials.


If you forget your combination; you can reset your combination using the plastic safety tab supplied with your case. You can also order replacement keys for non-combination Vaultz locks.

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