How to Create Borders With Colors in Pixlr

Updated April 17, 2017

Strategically placed borders can turn ordinary pictures into professional works of art. Borders exist in many areas of life. They surround paintings in museums. Film processing centres often place borders around photographs they process. Borders even exist around the paper money that you spend. Web developers also use them when creating photo galleries. You can add a colourful border to any picture using Pixlr's free online image editing tool.

Visit the Pixlr Website. Click the "Open Image from Computer" button. A file selection window opens. Navigate to one of your computer's image files and double-click the file. It opens in the Pixlr editor.

Press "Ctrl" plus "N" to open the "New Image" dialogue window. Type 1300 in the "Width" text box and 1300 in the "Height" text box. Click "OK." A new blank image named "Untitled" appears on-screen.

Locate the "Tools" panel on the left side of the editor. Click the "Drawing Tool," then click the top left edge of the "Untitled" image. Hold down your left mouse button and draw a rectangle that fills the image.

Find the black rectangle at the bottom of the "Tools" panel. This tool sets your main drawing colour. Double-click that tool. A pop-up window opens and displays different colours. Click the colour you wish to use for your border and click "OK."

Find the "Paint Bucket" tool in the "Tools" panel. Click that tool to activate it.

Click the "Untitled" image. Pixlr fills it with your chosen colour.

Click the original image you uploaded to select it.

Press "Ctrl" plus "A" to select that image, and then press "Ctrl" plus "C" to copy it.

Place your cursor over the other "Untitled" image and click that image to make it the active image. Press "Ctrl" plus "V." Pixlr pastes your uploaded image onto the large "Untitled" image. Click the "Layer" button at the top of the Pixlr window and then click "Flatten Image." At this point, your uploaded image will have a very wide border around it.

Move to the "Toolbox" panel and click the "Marquee" tool. Click a location a quarter of an inch above your uploaded image's upper left corner. Hold down your mouse button and draw a rectangle around your image so that the rectangle includes the border colour you selected.

Release the mouse button. You will see your uploaded image surrounded by a quarter-inch border in the colour you selected.

Press "Ctrl" plus "C," then "Ctrl" plus "N" to open the "New Image" dialogue window. Click "OK" to close that window. A new blank image window appears.

Press "Ctrl" plus "V." Pixlr pastes your picture and its new border into the blank image.

Press "Ctrl" and "S." Type a name for your picture in the "Name" text box. Click "OK" and "Save" to save it to your hard drive.


Make the border any size you like by drawing a larger or smaller rectangle around it when you get to that step. Undo changes at any time by pressing "Ctrl" plus "Z."

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