How to Create a Velcro Bulls-Eye Target and Velcro Plastic Balls

There's nothing better than playing a game with kids to pass the time. Even better, if you can facilitate making the game first and then playing it, kids will get double the experience with one fun game. A popular game for kids to play is a Velcro target board with plastic balls replacing darts. Taking the time to make your own game will help kids follow directions, be creative and have patience to play their game once the product is finished.

Cut enough small Velcro circles from the "hook" or scratchy side of the fabric to attach at least eight to each plastic ball. If they're self-adhesive, press the circles on at least three balls per player. If the Velcro is not self-adhesive, apply with glue. The little "hooks" will stick to the felt.

Using the permanent marker and circular objects, draw a circle on each piece of felt, descending in size. A standard dartboard is 18 inches in diameter, which is a good size for the largest circle; you should have room for several Velcro balls to fit on the target. As you cut, each circle should be smaller than the previous circle, with the smallest circle representing the centre bulls eye. Choose felt colours that circles will stand out well when placed on top of each other.

Cut out each felt circle and glue them, largest to smallest. Add a fun twist to your kids' game by offsetting the circles, deviating from the normal dartboard look. It will end up being shaped like a bugle or a horn of plenty, with the largest circle to the left or right, and circles in descending order following.

Glue your felt board to a piece of cardboard that is larger than the size of your entire game board. When the glue dries, cut off excess cardboard around your target board. You have effectively strengthened your playing board and made it more resilient to repetitive game play.

Label each different coloured section with points, as you would on a normal dartboard, or choose different fun ways to spice up the game play: You could add "free turn" or "lose a ball" spots for lucky or unlucky tossers -- or even add different prizes, instead of points, so the game could be transferable to a holiday or birthday party.

Cut a piece of string or cord and affix it with duct tape to the top-centre of the board on the reverse side. You can now hang your board on any type of hook, nail or tack located throughout the house or classroom.

Things You'll Need

  • 5-7 pieces of felt of different colours
  • Sheets of adhesive-backed Velcro
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Bowls/cups/cans
  • Dark-coloured permanent marker
  • Bulk bag of ping-pong or plastic golf balls
  • Cardboard
  • Ribbon, cord, string or yarn
  • Duct tape
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