How to Activate Microsoft Office Suite

Updated March 23, 2017

Microsoft Office Suite is a feature-packed productivity package of products that includes MS Word, Outlook, the Excel spreadsheet application and Access. More deluxe versions of Office include additional applications such as OneNote and Groove. By activating Office, Microsoft is able to verify that the product key used in the installation is valid. Microsoft makes activating the Office Suite a three-click process with an Internet connection. Another option is to activate the product over the telephone.

Open one of the Office applications.

Click "Help" from the top navigation bar, and then click "Activate Product." The Activation Wizard will start.

Click the radio button next to "Activate Over the Internet," and click "Next." The wizard will automatically connect to the Microsoft Activation site.

Click the drop-down box, and select your "Country/Region." Click "Next." The wizard will verify the installation and provide a confirmation message.

Click "OK." The Microsoft Office Suite is now activated.

Open one of the Microsoft Office applications, and click "Help" from the top navigation bar. Click "Activate Product." The Microsoft Activation Wizard will launch.

Click the radio button next to the "Activate Over the Telephone" option, and click "Next."

Click the drop-down box and select the "Country/Region" where the product will be used. The appropriate toll-free telephone numbers for the Microsoft Activation Service will appear. In addition, a verification code will appear. This is the code you will provide to the Microsoft Activation Service. Under the verification code will be boxes to enter the activation code when provided by the Microsoft Activation Service.

Dial one of the telephone numbers. An automated operator will answer the call and prompt you to read each group of verification numbers.

Read each group of numbers, one at a time, to the service. The automated operator will confirm the numbers by reading them back to you. When the numbers are confirmed, the operator will provide the activation code.

Type the activation code into the input boxes, and click "Next." The Office product is activated. A confirmation page will appear.

Click "OK." The activation process by telephone is complete.


Activate your Office Suite as soon as possible after installation. Microsoft allows a certain number of uses for Office programs before the program ceases to operate without an activation code. Make sure the product is activated before the number of uses expires.

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