How to Make Your Own Vinyl Records

Whilwe digital music is endangering the CD market, vinyl records have come back into fashion in a big way. Second-hand record stores are starting to pop up again and other retail stores are starting to once again stock repressings and brand new vinyl recordings. You may decide that you want to make your own vinyl record. Making a CD or MP3 is still an easier prospect, but there are a number of options for people looking to record their own Vinyl LPs.

Make a recording as an MP3. You will need to have a recording first before you can press it to vinyl. There are several free music recording programs online, and even a lo-fi option available with Windows called Sound Recorder.

Download free sound mixing software such as Audacity. You will need to optimise your recordings if you want it to sound great on vinyl. Low sounds such as bass should be put in the centre of the mix to ensure the needle on the record player doesn't skip.

Find a service such as Custom Records that will take your recordings and make a one off vinly record and mail it to you.

Buy a machine called a dub plate if you want to make your own vinyl records. These are expensive machines that typically cost between £3,250 and £650, and are available from online retailers such as Vestax. They allow you to record songs on to blank vinyl LPs.

Things You'll Need

  • Dub plate
  • Vinyl blanks
  • Sound recording software
  • Microphone
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